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Amazon John Easterling at the swearing in ceremony of the Rio Pisqui Federation in Nuevo Eden, Peru.

The Amazon rainforest supplies 30% of the world's oxygen and over 200,000 species of healing plant life. We must protect our precious resource not only for the indegenous people who live there, but for the benefit of the whole world.

Children of the Village of Por Veneer welcome our photographer, Gregg Woodward.

The Amazon Herb Company supports women of the Shipibo tribe by purchasing their traditional art forms including pottery and weavings.

photos by Gregg Woodward

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Participating with Amazon Herb Company directly supports the Rio Pisqui Federation. Ten Villages have unified to protect and preserve their land, traditions and way of life. They have invited our support.

Parts of this Article were reprinted from Amazon Spirit, published by The Amazon Herb Company.

Deep within the Amazon Rainforest in Peru lies a river known as the Rio Pisqui. This isolated river begins at the foot of the Andes and flows to the Rio Ucayali. Along its banks live a number of native communities. For these communities, the future has been changed forever by the official formation of the Rio Pisqui Federation, also known as FECONACURPI, an acronym fro Federaction do Communidades Nativas de la Cuenca del Rio Pisqui, and translated as “Federation of Native Communities of the Pisqui River Basin.” The federation consists of 10 communities along a 100-mile stretch of the Rio Pisqui, and is a major step in the unification and empowerment of these communities.

The Amazon Herb Company is intimately involved in the establishment of this federation which is step one to legally empowering these 10 villages to have greater sovereignty over the region. The Federation grants these indigenous communities greater authority to protect and preserve the land, plants, animals and bodies of water there, as well as their traditional knowledge and way of life. Part of their objective is to also provide better education for their children and advocate for laws favoring native communities.


The model we are using was successfully implemented in Por Veneer, Peru with our friends the Shipibo tribe. With lawyers supplied by Amazon Herb Company, Por Veneer was able to gain the legal deeds to their traditional lands, and to defend it from poachers. Tree stealers had come to Por Veneer to illegally chop trees, and were scared away by several Shipibo people with spears who punctured the tires on the poachers' equipment. When the poachers had the audacity to sue the villagers of Por Veneer for 'stealing their equipment,' the Shipibo became the first indigenous tribein Peru to successfully defend their land-rights in court, thus establishing their soverignty in the region.

Taking a village-by-village approach to rainforest preservation, the Amazon Herb Company are on the path to permanently preserving over 1 Million Acres of rainforest land and helping the natural stewards of that land to protect those rights. Your purchase of Amazon Herb products helps rainforest projects such as this. Over 10% of company profits go to rainforest preservation projects.


The Ten Communities of the Rio Pisqui Federation Acreage
Nuevo Eden 150,000
La Cumbre 200,000
Manco Capac 130,000



Tupac Amara
Nueva Irazala
Santa Rose
Nueve de Octobre
Res Uniaas

combined acreage:


April 26, 2006 -
The Founding Decree of the Rio Pisqui Federation is Established

The process of establishing the Rio Pisqui Federation was initiated by six native leaders from the region, and involved years of careful consideration and discussion. The first, major milestone in the process was reached on April 26, 2006 when the Founding Decree of the Rio Pisqui Federation was composed. This document, under rights clarified in Peru's political constitution, established 10 Indigenous communities along the Rio Pisqui as comprising a unified body. The objectives and goals were set forth and a 17-member board of directors was elected on this day.

The Objectives and Goals of the Rio Pisqui Federation

The Founding Decree outlines the specific objectives and goals of the federation. These include, among others:

•  Protect and promote the integrity of the region while conserving its natural resources

•  Promote bilingual education while maintaining ethnic identity

•  Renew and strengthen traditional and spiritual medicine, including medicinal plants, healers, practices and songs

•  Protect traditional knowledge.

•  Watch over the social dignity and integrity of the native community and its members, food, shelter, health, education and labor

•  Strengthen ties between the communities of the Rio Pisqui, as well as with other native communities and national and international sectors.

•  Work toward a constitution of a native Amazonian organization

•  Promote the organizing of multi-communal enterprises creating a consciousness of solidarity and efficiency.

•  Promote community work and participation through incentives.

The Ten Communities of the Rio Pisqui Federation

Neuvo Eden, La Cumbre, Manco Capac, Charasmana, Tupac Amaru, Vencedor, Irazola, Santa Rosa, 9 do Cotubre, Tres Unidos

June 24, 2006 - Amazon Herb Representatives Help Celebrate the Founding of the Rio Pisqui Federation

After the creation of the Founding Decree, Amazon Herb Company Founder and CEO John Easterling was invited to Nuevo Eden to “swear in” the 17-member board of directors of the new Rio Pisqui Federation. Easterling was invited due to the contributions Amazon Herb Company has made to several native communities in the area including sustainable business partnerships, solar radios and a radio station, naturopathic health care, water filters, and legal support against tree poachers. Upon his return to the USA, Esterling received a formal letter of appreciation from the Rio Pisqui Federation.

Here are the contents of that letter:

June 24, 2006

Mr. John Easterling
Amazon Herb Company

Dear Sir,

As soon as we returned from our business trip to the city of Iquitos, the first thing I am doing is to take the pleasure in writing you these few words of gratitude and to once more express our deepest gratitude for the many attentions received from your worthy company. Words do not suffice to express that your kindness and supportive spirit have eternally sealed our gratitude.

Thank you for all that you and your worthy company have done for us. My only desire and good fortune game me the opportunity of having you in our Native Communities of the Pisqui River, and I know that we will never be able to repay the exquisite care of which we have been the object.

Your friend, Hidelfonso Del Aguila Flores, President of the Federation fo the Rio Pisqui, affectionately greets you.

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