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Do you want to experience heaven while protecting and rejuvinating your skin?

For the first time ever rainforest herbs have been formulated for the skin. If you are looking for the purest, most natural skin products, you've come to the right place.

I started using the Lluvia Skin Care in 2005 and my skin looks and feels better than ever.*



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Lluvia Rainforest Skin Renewal System

"Is that why you have fewer wrinkles now than you did 2 years ago?"

When my family visited me from out of state recently, we all went on a walk in the bright morning sun, taking in the beauty of Sonoma County. When we returned to hang out by the pool, my brother looked around and seeing I was the only one not sunburned, he said, "Why are you golden brown and we're all red?"

My answer was one word. "Samambaia," I said with a smile. "Oh, is that why you look so young too?" he added. "You have fewer wrinkles than you did 2 years ago." And this from my brother who used to call me "fatty" when we were kids!  I could have kissed him!

Two years ago I began using the Lluvia ™ Skin Renewal System from Amazon Herb Company.  I thought my skin looked better, but this comment from my brother confirmed my belief.  One of the key ingredients in Lluvia ™ that protects the skin is called Samambaia.  I knew that was the reason I tan while others burn.  Lluvia ™ is packed full of antioxidants, oils and other nutrients that cleanse, nourish and protect the skin. I also use Recovazon ™ Liquzons daily for protection from within, and topical Recovazon ™ Gel after sun exposure for added protection and relief.

Read on to learn how Samambaia and Una de Gato, key ingredients in Lluvia ™ and Recovazon keep my skin brown instead of red... *

Amazon Herb Formulas
Cleanse Nourish and Balance
all Systems of the Body Naturally!

Samambaia Rainforest Sun-Saver & UV Protector *

This rainforest fern is the rainforest botanical most widely studied for its UV protection properties. A recent study at the University of Milan in Italy concluded that samambaia's UV protection ability was due to immune modulation and antioxidant properties, as well as its ability to enhance DNA repair. Scientists at Harvard Medical School also confirmed its effectiveness in protecting the skin against UV radiation.  The herb is most effective when used both internally and externally. Samambia

Uña de Gato : *

Antioxidant for the Skin
People who know me well know my favorite herb is Uña de Gato.  Recent studies proove that Uña de Gato is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and that it enhances DNA repair while suppressing cancer proliferation.  When we're considering time in the sun, it's helpful to remember that Uña de Gato increases cells' ability to repair DNA damage caused by UV light.

Uña de Gato can be taken both internally and externnally to acheive its benefits.

Topical Skin Protection *

So how can Samambaia and Una de Gato help you keep your skin healthy in the summer sun?

Your first layer of protection comes with using Lluvia™ skincare products before you expose yourself to the sun. The Lluvia™ Replenishing Moisturizer and Lluvia™ Deep Nourishing Oil are particularly beneficial, as they contain both of the UV-protectant herbs Samambia and Una de Gato in addition to organic moisturizing oils to hydrate your skin to help protect from premature aging. And for extra anti-oxidant protection, try the heavenly
lluvia moisturizer
Lluvia™ Camu C Serum .  Camu Camu is a berry from the Amazon that contains the highest concentration of vitamin C of any fruit.  Used on the skin, Camu Camu nourishes and protects the skin from aging effects of the sun.  These formulas have helped me look younger than before while improving the health of my skin and body. Recovazon™ Gel also contains both Samambaia and Una de Gato plus Aloe for relief after sun exposure. Recovazon™ Gel is also helpful if you are stung or bitten by an insect while you're having fun in the sun! "I floated on a raft in the pool for an hour with no sunscreen. Parts of my body got rather toasted, but, amazingly, my Lluvia(TM) face did not burn!" ~ Victoria Fatula, VA


For the first time ever, rainforest herbs have been formulated for use on the skin. This stuff is heavenly! It's the purest, most natural skin care on the market today. Cleanse, Nourish, Balance, Restore and Protect your skin the natural way.
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Earn Money for Telling Our Story

If you love the herbs like I do, you may find yourself sharing them with others who will also like to try them. This process can earn you income as our thanks to you for sharing the treasures from the rainforest, Amazon Herbs, while helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

Rainforest Herbs offer Internal Protection from the Sun Too! *

You may have heard that healthy skin starts from the inside. Numerous antioxidant compounds have been scientifically dcumented to boost UV protection when taken internally. Among these are antioxidants found in a variety of rainforest botanicals, such as Sambambaia, Una de Gato, and Camu Camu.

By feeding your body antioxidant-rich Amazon Herb nutritional formulas you can take extra precautions against UV exposure. Formulas such as Recovazon ™, with Samambaia and Una de Gato, and Pure Camu ™, which contains only dried Camu Camu fruit with the highest concentration of Vitamin C, are a great place to start!

My friend Gregg Woodward, the photographer for Amazon Herb Company, told me that while in the forest he prespires too much to use topical solutions.  He takes a lot of Recovazon ™ internally and no longer gets sunburned, despite his fair skin. *

What about SPF? *

Lluvia™ and other Amazon Herb products are completely natural and do not contain any of the chemical ingredients that the FDA considers requirements for a product to qualify for an SPF (Sun Protection Factor). We believe synthetic ingredients damage the integrity and weaken the effectiveness of natural ingredients. Therefore, they cannot be listed as having an SPF rating, nor are they approved as sunscreens. Lluvia™ products do, however, contain botanicals documented to protect the skin against UV-related aging.

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only. These products are not intended to cure, treat, prevent or mitigate illness or disease. If you are experiencing a medical concern, it is recommended that you consult a qualified physician. *



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