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Why I'm an Amazon Herb Company Distributor

ZAMU: a lucious blend of Certified Organic Camu Camu, Cacao, Acai, Pineapple, Mango, Cinnamon & Sangre de Drago!

I Get to Help Preserve the Amazon Rainforest
and Support Indigenous Tribes while Consuming Life-Enhancing Herbs and Juices.

I love the rainforest and all of her luscious gifts.
I was introduced to rainforest products for the first time in 1999. My friend told me about the Amazon Herb Company program that partners with Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon Rainforest to sustainably harvest traditional herbs while saving the rainforest. I started taking the herbs just to help the rainforest communities
who harvest them. I didn't expect the incredible health benefits that would follow.

I was pleasantly surprised by how great I felt after taking my rainforest superfoods. My whole body, mind and spirit were transformed by the Amazon Herb formulas, much more than I ever dreamed possible.

I had a few fairly acute challenges at the time, specifically digestion/elimination and joint pain,
plus a general lack of energy a lot of the time.

The rainforest herbs have nutrients that we don't get from our food supply, even our organic foods (and I do support our local organic farmers!) So it should have come as no surprise when my ailments cleared up and I felt healthier than ever before once I had been on the herbs for about 4 months (enough time for my blood to be completely renewed.)

I learned about why the rainforest herbs are so special... because of where they grow. The source of these herbs is vitally important for so many reasons.

You can read more
about the source here.

Links to My Favorite Amazon Herbs Here

The Amazon Herbs are Like Magic!

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For over 10 years now, I have been faithfully consuming my rainforest herbs and now the
rainforest skin care as well. I feel younger and more vital than I did 10 years ago, and I look better too.*


The Amazon Herb Company is making momentum in the rainforest with a project to preserve 1 million rainforest acres. The Amazon Herb Company was even featured on a PBS program where members of the Cousteau Society acknowledged our program as a new hope for the preservation of the Amazon. I am honored to be a part of this kind of historical acheivement in the rainforest.

In 2001 I decided to begin spreading the word about Amazon Herbs and how they're saving the rainforest and for doing this good deed,
I started earning a side income.

I really enjoy hearing from my customers and fellow Rainforest Representatives as they bring their bodies, minds and spirits to a whole new level of life experience, and the fulfillment they feel knowing they are making a difference in the rainforest.

The Amazon Herb Formulas
Transformation From the Inside

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Earn Money for Telling Our Story

If you love the herbs like I do, you may find yourself sharing them with others who will also like to try them. This process can earn you income as our thanks to you for sharing the treasures from the rainforest, Amazon Herbs, while helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.
I'm here to help you attract your perfect customers and build a side - or even primary - income while saving the rainforest.

Visit my Official Amazon Herb Website to learn more about how our plan works.

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Julia's Favorite Herbs:

RECOVAZON: anti inflammation, helps protect skin from UV rays taken internally and externally, pain relief*

RAINFOREST HEALTH PACK: A full spectrum of Rainforest botanicals to help cleanse, nourish and balance all of your body’s systems.*

RAINFOREST TREASURE TEA: I recommend this tea for anyone who has immune challenges, wants a healthy gut, and loves a sweet, sugar-free, caffeine free energy drink. I used this tea to get off of Diet Coke permanently! I especially love the Matte Tea which is a mixture of Treasure Tea with Matte.

Lluvia Skin Renewal System: I don't go outside before putting on my Lluvia Moisturizer! It protects my skin naturally. I use the whole system regularly to keep my skin looking young.

Zamu Power Drink: Including Cacao, Pineapple, Acai, and other rainforest ingredients to make a tasty, powerful energy drink. I do about 2 oz per day before going on a power walk with my dog.


Imagine a tropical paradise … a dynamic ecosystem with abundant rainfall, intense sunlight and over 215,000 flourishing tropical plants growing in the richest soil on earth. Imagine a place that produces enough oxygen to be called “the lungs of our planet,” and enough medicinal herbs to provide a living pharmacy to the entire world.

Often called the “greatest celebration of life on earth,” the Amazon Rainforest is home to more species of plants and animals than any other place on the planet. It's a place where thriving plants produce a natural density of the world's most unique nutrition.


Most commercially grown fruits have been sprayed with insecticides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. These chemicals may be toxic to the cells in your body with long-term exposure. That's why millions of people are turning toward organic foods for themselves and their families.

Zamu™ is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.




Before I'd ever heard of Amazon Herbs, I was an activist for human rights and the environment. Here I am with the co-founder of Graphic Girlz, Sharon Kenny, at a feminist conference in 1997. What a rad! I seem to remember consuming more than my share of KFC back in those days, in addition to Whole Foods. (We did live in Berkeley after all) *


That's me with Julia Butterfly Hill outside of my place in Oakland, CA in August of 2001 just after starting the Rainforest Health Pack. As you can see, I was rather tubby and puffy, though really happy to be with Julia B. We had just met to discuss her Circle of Life website which I designed



That's me with John Easterling, Founder and
CEO of Amazon Herb Company, at our Summit
in Phoenix August 2002. He's a great guy with a wonderful and inspiring m
ission. I always bliss out at the Amazon Herb Summits not only because of the open herb bar (yummy) but because of the great people. You can see I'm a lot less puffy. Getting younger with the herbs and excercise. *



That's me with John Easterling again at our
Summit in Miami, Florida, August 2004. Three years of Amazon Herbs, improving my diet, and adding yoga to aerobic excercise.

John doesn't look bad either.
In fact he seems to get younger every year! *


That's me with my friend, client, life coach and "fairy godmother" Wenty Hill at our Summit in Scottsdale, AZ, August 2007. Recently my brother, Alex, told me my skin looks younger
and less wrinkled than it did years ago. Thank you Amazon Herbs and
Lluvia Skin Renewal System. *


That's me with Olivia Newton John at the Amazon Herb Company Summit 2008. She's been on the Amazon Herbs even longer than I have, over 10 years! Those of us who remember the early catalog from 1998 remember Olivia was featured in it. I think we're both doing pretty good! *


Julia Stege 2010

This is me in 2010. Thank heavens for Amazon Herbs! I don't think I look even close to my age: 50, do you agree? I feel young and alive thanks to MY FAVORITE HERBS!




"Rainforest Secrets of Everlasting Youth"*
to learn about the history, mission and shamanic tradition
behind the Amazon Herb Company. Hear the founder of Amazon Herb Company speak
about how Amazon Herbs can contribute to your optimal health.



"There's a Heartbeat at the Door: Answer It" *
This recording is 25 minutes long.
Hear this six-figure Amazon Herb Ambassador tell her story.

Julia Stege and Kathy Coffey on Voice of the Amazon
"Sustainable Activism"*
This recording is 20 minutes long and was originally recorded for
the Amazon Herb Company Voice of the Amazon Program for Earth Day, 2004.

Jan 2005: Kay Ovray Shamain, Animal Nutritionist
Speaks about Amazon Herbs and Animals.
WAV: Amazon Herb Animal Nutrition*
This recording is 20 minutes long


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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.