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Julia Stege the Magical Marketer

This is my old site.

I've kept it up because
it still attracts my perfect customers. But if you want
to see what I'm up to
currently, please visit:


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You have a product, service or message that the world needs to know about, and your perfect customers are seeking you right now.

But if you don't have a clear and consistent brand message, along with website and marketing materials that truly represent you, you're not going to be found OR recognized!

If you're losing business for lack of attractive marketing, luckily, you've come to the right place.
We have answers.

We have changed our brand and made our website more beautiful and accessible than ever.

Formerly known as Graphic Girlz, we have now become Magical Marketing. Please visit our new site at http://www.magical-marketing.com


Branding & Logo Design
Graphic Design & Advertising
Website, Blog, E-Commerce and CMS Design
Website, Wordpress and CMS Programming
Social Media Trainings, Set-Up & Monthly Services
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Webinar & Teleclass Instruction & Services
Translation Services English, Spanish, German, Portugese

End the confusion...
... let us do it all for you.

Apply now for a Complimentary Magical Marketing Strategy Session. Your honest answers to our questions will help us determine if you are a fit, and if you are, we will review your marketing challenges, in addition to what you're already doing right, and determine your best next steps for bringing your message to the world and attracting your perfect customers.

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Though we cannot give a Strategy Session to every applicant, never fear. We frequently offer Complimentary Magical Marketing Webinars. If you want to be notified of these no-cost webinars, please download your Magical Marketing Toolkit to get on our list.

A Letter from Julia
To My Perfect Customers

June 2012
Sebastopol, CA

Dear Forward-Thinking Entrepreneur,

If you need a more authentic, transparent, and sensitive approach to marketing, and you can't easily imagine how you could do this online, Graphic Girlz can help you share your magnificence with the world!

What if you could share what's most important to you in a way that builds buzz about your offerings and magnetizes people to you?

What if you could expand your network by thousands of people who are a perfect match for you, who are seeking exactly what you have?

If you're going to work with a designer and marketer to increase your business, wouldn't you want to work with someone who really gets you?

This is what our offerings are really all about.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Julia Stege, I have been an artist since I could hold a crayon. I have always been a strong intuitive. As the founder of Graphic Girlz, I have combined these abilities with what I've learned from my studies of online marketing over the last 14 years to create a magical, revolutionary new approach to marketing that is authentic, comes from the heart, and truly reflects your mission to the world in a way that magnetizes your perfect customers to you. It really is like magic!

I have gathered a team of programmers, marketing experts, writers, and artists to help conscious entrepreneurs like you to define your heartfelt message and develop that into a beautiful and compelling brand, then by using the power of attraction along with smart, consistent marketing strategies, we get the word out to a wider audience of people who are seeking you!

We'll help you take that message and define it online in a way that offers the right feeling and inspires your perfect customers to take the action you want (like calling you!)

The icing on the cake is the way I teach you how to network authentically using social media that get you to page one of Google and attracts your perfect customers. I consistently get page one rankings in Google for my Magical Keyword PhrasesTM and I grow my network by thousands each year. If you are ready, we can help you get these results too.

This method of marketing is fulfilling as well as fun and effective.



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This Toolkit includes a report on how to create your Attraction Plan, and two short videos on how to create a heart-felt brand and tips for perfecting your Attraction Plan.

Then you may APPLY FOR YOUR COMPLIMENTARY MAGICAL STRATEGY SESSION. If you are selected, we'll take 30 minutes to come up with a plan to start attracting your perfect customers right away.

If you know you have a design and/or marketing project to speak with me about right away, please call to schedule a marketing needs assessment with me. I will take the time to answer your questions fully. Again, call me, Julia at (707) 823-3316 during business hours and we'll schedule.

Go forth and attract!

Julia D. Stege, MFA



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