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Testimonials for Magical Marketing
Workshops and Tele-Classes

I moved into a newer, larger space
because my business expanded so quickly!

"I have completed three of Julia Stege's online teleclasses. Julia guided me through the processes where I became clear that I want to be a health coach instead of the MLM business I was doing, and started attracting contacts, ideas, products, teachers, and more into my life.

Several months later, I moved into a newer, larger space because my business expanded so quickly with my 'perfect customers', my daughter has moved home to work with me (my dream come true), I am adding new services and products to better serve my customers, people are very excited about and open to what I am offering, and I am making money and having the best time I have ever had at my work. 

Julia has a special knack for leading the teleclasses, drawing out of each participant exactly what she/he authentically wants to express, and then directing us to follow through to create what we want.  These classes are powerful."

Lauren Schroeder,
Health Coach

Julia's classes are part inspiration,
part practical advice, and all around good mojo!

"Julia's workshop was just what I needed for getting going in my small business.  It was part inspiration, part practical advice, and all around good mojo. Julia teaches the Law of Attraction, AND IT WORKS.  It surprised the heck out of me.  I came to Julia expecting a workshop on designs and advertising and the like, but what I got was much more.  I am indebted to her for her opening my eyes to how sychronicities can and should be pursued as a practical business strategy.  I took Julia's class at the same time as an Intro to Marketing class at the university.  I prefered Julia's class much more because of the small group atmosphere and the excitement of seeing myself and others beginning to succeed through Julia's strategies.  I think that anyone who thinks that their lifework should involve more than just money making should take Julia's class to learn to pursue their real goals and make money at the same time."

Gabe Jackson
Bio-deisel Delivery Service


I learned a new way to think about marketing my business from who I really AM, expressing my passion

In Julia's workshops, I learn new ways to think about marketing my business from who I really AM, expressing my passion. I was opened to a wealth of possibilities for reaching my market, locally and as broadly as I'm interested in reaching. I explored creative ways to discover who I am appealing to and what appeals to me.  (The collages made such an impact!) Recognizing and appreciating synchronicities with a group of like-minded people, sharing possibilities with them, and networking with them was great. Now with our group I have ongoing support and a kind of “home place” to return to keep on track and keep going. (Julia -- Thank you for all your coaching expertise and precise input.  Sooooo helpful and appreciated!)

Patricia Gale, CIIM
Infant Massage Communication Classes

Julia helped me discover my company name!

"When I took Branding from the HeartTM,  I had recently been fired, and was beginning to focus on my true passion, which is photography.  I have a marketing background, but I wanted to get up to speed. I had been trying to develop a name for my business for over a year, and hadn't come up with anything that really worked. 

In the first session of the course, we shared our life purpose.  Mine is "to facilitate the manifestation of hearts desires."  Almost immediately, Julia said "Why not name your business Hearts Desire Photography?"  My heart leaped, and I knew that was the name!    Getting in touch with our life purpose seemed to be a natural tie in to our business mission and our perfect customers. I know now why Julia stressed that so much. Her generosity, knowledge, skill, vulnerabilty, and the humorous way in which she shared her own stories gave me the incentive to want to promote her work to others.  I feel more confident about being able to go forward with my business, while utilizing new marketing ideas and other resources I received from this course. I feel fortunate to have been guided to Julia's work, and appreciate the meaning it has had in my life at this time. I can't recommend her enough!

Shandi Murphey
Hearts Desire Photography

Building my own website has been a perfect example of having faith and working with the laws of attraction. 

Julia's workshop inspired me to reconnect with my own creative wisdom and use my innate resources. Using my Strategic Action PlanTM everyday has helped me focus on my mission and purpose.  I am realizing that if I am willing to gain clarity and focus in my own life, things easily fall into place.  Building my own website has been a perfect example of having faith and working with the laws of attraction.  Initially, I was going to hire an expensive professional designer.  Instead, I took a leap of faith.  I followed Julia's suggestion and decided to build one myself!  I am incredibly happy with the outcome.  Surrendering to the creative process has given me more confidence in creating what I truly want.

Jula Pereira,
Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist




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